Young Volleyball players from Kosovo receive balls and nets from CEV’s ‘Volleyball at School’ project

Prishtina, Kosovo, April 16, 2018. The Volleyball Federation of Kosovo (FVK) have started delivering balls and nets provided by the CEV to a number of schools across the country as part of the ‘Volleyball at School’ project.

This activity started in the city of Gjakova, where dozens of young Volleyball players came together and attended the ceremony organised in conjunction with the delivery. Three Volleyball schools received 10 balls and one net each following the visit from a representative of the Development Commission established at the FVK.

KV Vëllaznimi from Gjakova were the first team to receive balls and net, with more such ceremonies organised this past weekend for Ulpiana from Lipjan and Kaçanik.

FVK President Dr Abedin Ibrahimi and Secretary General Valon Nikqi have been attending such events as well. More such ceremonies are due to take place later this week in other cities around Kosovo after the FVK signed an agreement with the CEV and their Ministry of Sport for the implementation of the CEV’s ‘Volleyball at School’ project.