BVA Commissions gathered in İstanbul

İstanbul, Turkey, May 3, 2018. The annual BVA Technical Commission Meeting was held on Thursday at Marcure Hotel, in İstanbul. BVA Secretary General Nilüfer Başak Shimonsky and BVA Technical Commission President Periklis Bakodimos attended the meeting alongside Technical Commission Members, Beach Volleyball Commission Members and Marketing Commission Members.

Host cities, dates and participants of 2018 Balkan Volleyball and Beach Volleyball Championships were confirmed and drawing of lots took place for upcoming tournaments. Moreover, adapting new rules of the beach volleyball to BVA regulations discussed in the meeting while there were some suggestions with intent to introduce to BVA General Assembly.

Tournament dates, age limits and groups are as follows:

U16 Balkan Championship – Women (Sombor-Serbia)

25-29 July 2018

1st January 2004 and after

Group: Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Turkey


U17 Balkan Championship – Men (İstanbul-Turkey)

24-28 July 2018

1st January 2003 and after

Group A: Bulgaria, Romania, Montenegro, Greece

Group B: Turkey, Moldavia, Serbia


U17 Balkan Championship – Women (Gjakova-Kosovo)

18-22 July 2018

1st January 2002 and after

Group: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, Turkey


U18 Balkan Championship – Men (Valjevo-Serbia)

7-11 August 2018 or 8-12 August 2018

1st January 2001 and after

Group A: Serbia, Romania, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Group B: Turkey, Montenegro, Moldavia


U19 Balkan Championship – Women (Cacak-Serbia)

21-25 August 2018

1st January 2000 and after

Group A: Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, FYR of Macedonia

Group B: Turkey, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro


U20 Balkan Championship – Men (Bijeljina-Bosnia and Herzegovina)

4-8 July 2018

1st January 1999 and after

Group A: Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, FYR of Macedonia

Group B: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Romania, Albania


Balkan Kids Volleyball Festival (Skopje-FYR of Macedonia)

15 June 2018

Men – 1st January 2005 and after

Women – 1st January 2006 and after

Teams: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, FYR of Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo



U20 Beach Volleyball Championship – Men&Women (Ferizaj/Pristina-Kosovo)

3-5 August 2018

1st January 1998 and after

Teams: Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Kosovo


U22 Beach Volleyball Championship – Men&Women (Stip-FYR of Macedonia)

13-15 July 2018

1st January 1996 and after

Teams: Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Kosovo, FYR of Macedonia, Moldavia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Senior Beach Volleyball Championship – Men&Women (Bursa/Turkey)

20-23 September 2018

Teams: Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Kosovo, Greece, Serbia


Senior Beach Volleyball Championship – Men&Women (Crete/Greece)

20-24 June 2018

Teams: Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Kosovo


Participants of the meeting are as follows:

Mrs. Nilüfer Başak SHIMONSKY (TUR) - BVA Secretary General

Mr. Periklis BAKODIMOS (GRE) - Technical Commission President

Mr. Tosho STOYANOV (BUL) - Beach Volleyball Commission President

Mr. Nikola PJESCIC (MNE) - Beach Volleyball Commission Member

Mr. Alexandros PARASKEVOPOULOS (GRE) - Beach Volleyball Commission Member

Mrs. Bojana DUKIĆ-BOGIĆEVIĆ (SRB) - Beach Volleyball Commission Member

Mr. Valon NIKQI (KOS) - Beach Volleyball Commission Member

Mr. Milutin POPOVIC (BIH) - Technical Commission Member

Mr. Dragutin ĆUK (SRB) - Technical Commission Member

Mr. Stanislav NIKOLOV (BUL) - Technical Commission Member

Mr. Simon GINES (MKD) - Technical Commission Member

Mr. Sezgin EREN (TUR) - Marketing and Development Commission Member

Mr. Zoran KARANOVIC (MKD) - Guest