Albanian Federation look back at two years filled with success

Tirana, Albania, October 22, 2017. The Albanian Volleyball Federation (FSHV) organised this past Saturday their General Assembly, thus analysing the work done over the past couple of years, i.e. since a major change at the helm of the organisation. “We have shown some remarkable progress, and made a first step in our efforts to make Albanian Volleyball great again. We did not expect to get this far, but we always believed in it,” said Erlind Pellumbi, the FSHV President. “You can see what we have achieved over the last couple of years. Many thanks to all of you for the collaboration, to CEV and BVA for their support, to the Albanian National Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sport for being our partners,” he continued.

“We have been investing a lot of our energy to reach such results, and this applies to the national league and the national teams as well, which have attained remarkable achievements and won much respect anywhere they have played. I can promise you that this is only the beginning, because we have more to do in the future,” said Pellumbi.

Mr Albens Vokopola, FSHV Secretary General, provided the delegates with a summary of all activities done at national and international level, the many innovations introduced as well as the ambitious plans for the future.

The delegates in attendance unanimously approved the revised FSHV statutes and elected two new members of the Executive Committee, Mr Artur Dhima and Mr Ilia Vasili. The FSHV management provided also a review of the Federation’s financial situation and discussed with the attendees ways to solve their problems and issues.